Ok I have the blabs tonight…
I thought you might be interested in what I decided to do about the coke sign. If you don’t remember the Coke sign is on a warehouse directly across the street from the Clinchfield station. With your help I found a copy of the sign in new condition on the net. I am going to use Photoshop — The technique desribed here from TechTV:

Blend a Sign into the Background in Photoshop

Use alpha channel magic to merge images.

Say you have an image and you want to blend it into a background image (in our case, wood). I’ll demonstrate how to blend an image into its background in Photoshop so that sign and background will blend into one. Here are the steps.

  1. Turn off the Sign Layer.
  2. Copy the Blue Channel.
  3. Use Levels to increase the contrast of the Copied Blue Channel. This will make sure there’s still some of the sign left.
  4. Load the Channel as a selection.
  5. Hit Cmd + J on a Mac or Ctrl + J on a PC to “Float” the selection (create a new layer with the selected image).
  6. For extras, you can add a Grunge selection and float that too. It will pull more of the paint randomly.
  7. You can also use the Distort — Displace filter to push the sign around a little. Use the wood image to have the sign look like it’s melded over the wood..
  8. Use the Unsharp Mask to tighten up the image a little.
  9. Use the Render-Lighting Effects to add a little texture to the image. By using the wood grain you can make the image look a little more shaded.
  10. Play with the layer blending modes to see the possible effects.

to fade away the weaker colors just substituting a brick wall for the wood one. Then I am going turn off the layer with the wall and send the file to be made into a decal. I am looking for a custom decal place that the decal can be burnished into the brick of the model. Of the ones mentioned before who would do this the best??? Finally, I am going to weather the building with the sign in place with the normal washes and chalks. What do you think? I’m hoping for a faded worn out sign much like the one in the picture I posted. I discovered that the black tar streak was where another building roof since torn down covered the coke sign. I probably will leave the tar out.
Somebody stop me rambling.

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