Coke Sign

This is a classic old sign painted on the side of a warehouse in Johnson City, TN. I might make the black streak a little less prototypical It is directly opposite the old combination passenger and freight station which is falling down. A speculator has purchased it and a number of other old buildings hopefully the station can be saved. Since Johnson City is where Clinchfield and ET&WNC (Tweetsie) met a lot of old pictures show the station. I am thinking about modeling it one day and am taking lots of digital pictures.

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Making Stain

Nobody is as far behind as I am. I just got started last night. I am staining strips as we speak. I used Brett’s formula in leftover plastic bags. The Ham and Cheese was a little stale.
I expect to be talking to myself before I’m done. So what is new! 🙂

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Railroad Camp Arrives

My RRC arrived tonight and I’m eagerly getting started. The plan is to do as much as I can before the first of the year. I hope to not be too far behind on starting the Mill with you then. So I’ll shelve RRC or use it as my relief project. Thanks to all of you who have gone before. I finished reading Foss thread this afternoon and will keep this one close as I work on RRC.

‘This stain won’t stay on my hands forever will it?’ – Nah just a month or two.

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Layout – Waiting on UPS

I’m still waiting on UPS. Y’all have me so excited.

My layout focuses on the corner of TN/NC/VA and with a little imagination KY. I like Clinchfield and ET&WNC (Tweetsie) around Johnson City, TN. I think I have decided on Fall in the late 40s. That would make the RRC, Sawmill, and coal perfect. Foss might have to be on a lake. Anybody know of an avaliable coal operation of the quality of SW? The area had lumber, coal, narrow guage, and eventually chemical.

My only struggle is I love to go up to Jonesbourgh, TN and take pictures of the town (oldest in TN) with the CSX intermodals rambling through or over toward Gate City and capture the NS coal train headed from VA and KY. I’d miss that if I do strictly 40s but I love the structures, images, and steam of the period of the RCC? Since time kind of left its mark on this area I have considered sticking with the structures of 40s in some areas and doing modern in other parts. It is amazing to me how many of the buildings in this area are still of that period. I have to take the digital out and capture the station and warehouse with a sign for ‘Arthur’s Loan – Pawn Broker fading on the outside.
Hope I didn’t ramble too much, reading about your progress has already helped my planning.

Well back to the inventory of my tools in the shed. The UPS woman brought a computer today and I was bummed.

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Fine Scale Discovery

I’m just jumping in. I havn’t built anything in a numbers of years and then nothing as complex as the craftsman kits. Now, in my lurking, you have inspired me and I am going to build SerriaWest RailRoad Camp.

While I am reassembling tools and buying supplies I want to read a Finescale construction book. I have Frary’s stuff (Realistic, 303 etc) but to me it is to modeling what landscaping and painting is to constuction. I’m looking for the carpentry manual to remind me of the basics and guide me in the way of more advanced stuff with an eye eventually to scratch building not plastic kits.

Off to the tool shed to find my rusting tools. By the way nice job on the shed guys it doesn’t even leak. Bet you made sure of that, didn’t cut anybody any slack. The shed is by that empty field of dreams where one day the sawmill will be. Right? 🙂

I really enjoyed the discussion of the building of the camp! Mine should arrive Monday.”

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