Truck Shop 3.0

Well here it is Truck Shop version 3.0. I’m planning on adding some of the stain you blot on to the beams and also darken the outside some. Then I’m back to the office.

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Truck Shop Too – Rises

Well after lots of distractions eBay, holidays, etc….Truck Shop rises and it isn’t GREEN!!!
Well off to more distractions before I finish some battens and swash on some more board wash.

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Sledge Hammer

Holiday Greetings all!
Some say it was a bad storm other little people seem to think it the wrath of an angry god and some even report seeing a large fist desending from the sky.

Before you morn the loss of my Truck Shop, notice the framing beside it is no longer GREEN!! Besides by the time I’m done I will have framing and basic grey/brown weathering down. It didn’t take but a couple hours to reframe. I had Kappler on hand. “

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No Not Too Green

I have started on the nail holes but everything I do seems to close them back up. What size pin do you use in your vise and at what ‘point’ in the process. Should I wait until after the walls are stained and mostly weathered? Or is there a reason for now?

You know sitting 10′ away from my green monster it doesn’t look so bad. Maybe, all my close-up work and pictures over-emphasize the green.

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Too Green?

Maybe my Truck Shop isn’t too green. Everytime I add something it looks better to me. Maybe just the eyesite going. Didn’t get to the office today. Will try Friday.

My name is Wally and I’m addicted to buying models bought Baxter’s, Schramm’s and a CC Crow roundhouse on ebay last night. It has been 24 hours since my last bid. I need a sponsor to call when I have the urge.

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Green Monster

Well after two days without cable or internet I’m back. Somehow I didn’t get a whole lot done.

I did talk to Brett and learned the logic of battens, every building in RRC has a different texture. I still think battens on an open air structure would be unlikely but I did it anyway.

My other experiment turned out less well. I want some green mildew weathering instead I got a green building. Any suggestions? No, St Nick a sledgehammer is out of the question it might break the new glass on my work table.

Off to do XMAS—maybe soon I can work on the office…I started it yesterday while I wait on a few windows I need from SW.”

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By the way…Yes, I am thinking about flipping the ends and putting the shed on the end near the large doors. Not sure yet, just thinking

Batten or Not

Busy day at church. Didn’t get much done on Truck Shop. I did do my first windows and decided to frame the big doors too.

I tried to get y’all to share an opinion about to batten or not and hardly a reply. Well, what do you think? Not size of battens but battens or not.”

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I’ve just about decided to go batten-less on my Truck Shop. There are lots of ‘out’ buildings around where I grew-up and battens seem out of place on a shop that was thrown together for function. A office or house battens–Yes because it needed to be air tight. This truck shop will never be air tight. Who cares if the truck gets cold at night. I just think that rustic is the way. I read the thread about smaller but I think none. Any reason why not to go batten-less like the building next door is already batten-less?

I’m also thinking about a sheet metal roof. I saw the thread about the tin roof. Any suggestions for who sells or how to make corrogated sheet metal roofing?

Warning – For my first model ever I’m getting pretty cocky! Don’t worry I’ll break something and things will be normal. Like the other day when the stained lazer-cut windows that I left by the stove caught fire–only a small one– I lost the tarpaper shed windows and a sash.

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“Test fitting the walls!
The jig and rubber band are all that holds the windows in and the walls upright.
I’m trying to decide about battens now. They seem out of proportion and a number of old buildings around here especially the out building type are just boards”

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